Best Ways to Quickly Learn Spanish in Toronto

Learning Spanish in Toronto is easy now that Spanish in Canada is teaching students in the area. However, just because you are learning a language in school, doesn’t mean you’re learning efficiently. Effectively mastering a new language takes thousands of hours, and so learning and practicing at home is an absolute must. Here are some tips to better learn a new language.

#1 Learn from every mistake

Never let a mistake be forgotten. Making mistakes is fine unless you never learn from them. Make a list of your common mistakes and go over them once in a while. This will slowly train your brain to remember those small little mistakes you will inevitably make.

#2 Use Spaced Repetition

Your brain cannot learn everything at once. To properly make the connections to memory in your brain, it’s crucial to learn repetitively with periods of time in between. Take breaks of 15-30 minutes between repetition and learning to maximize memory retention.

#3 Practice Fluent Language

Practicing fluent language helps solidify your speech and helps you build on vocabulary you already know with vocabulary you wouldn’t normally practice in class.

#4 Find a Partner

Find a partner to practice with! This can be a friend or family member who will help test you and listen to you practice fluency. In some cases, it’s not even necessary for your partner to speak the language (but it’s much better if they do!)

#5 Learn Spanish in Toronto by going out places where you’re forced to speak the language!

Learning Spanish? Travel to predominantly Spanish places or visit Spanish people! Have some time off at work? Go speak to your Spanish coworkers! This will help your brain get used to actually speaking the language, instead of just reciting it from a textbook.

Spanish in Canada is a Spanish school in Mississauga. We teach students from all over the Greater Toronto Area the Spanish language. Please contact us with any questions.

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