Our next social gathering will be Friday, May 31.  Please contact to reserve your spot. 

Our social gatherings are once a month for our students and open to anyone who wants to join us.

Every month a different topic such as tango and salsa demos, movie nights, or socializing. It can even be the topic suggested by our students. All of them are free but registration in advance is required.

Please e-mail us to get put on our mailing list to attend our events.

School Policies


We pride ourselves on maintaining respect within our school. Respect between students and instructors help to build relationships that better learning outcomes.


We take as much responsibility for great learning outcomes as our students do, and we ensure that help is provided when needed to push students to their best!


Learning can’t take place without being honest about current language levels and fluency. Honesty is our policy both inside and outside of our classrooms.


Kindness is our top priority. Maintaining great student-instructor relationships is the key is making string learning progress – and we love helping people learn!

Free Assessment
Since 2006, we have offered the best Spanish courses and classes. If you are interested in learning Spanish, please consider joining us for a free assessment class!
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