Our next social gathering will be on Friday, November 1 at 7:00 pm.  Please contact us to reserve your spot. 

Ready to dance and sing?

Join us for a night of dancing, Merengue, Salsa with Shade and a special guitar show with Daanish.

We appreciate if you bring food and drinks to share with all the attendees.

End of year party for regular students: December 6 at 7 pm. Bring your family and friends to share this special moment with them!

Our social gatherings are once a month for our students, ex-students, prospective ones  and open to anyone who wants to join us but registration is advance in require.

Every month a different topic such as tango and salsa demos, movie nights, or socializing. It can even be the topic suggested by our students. All of them are free but registration in advance is required.

Please e-mail us to get put on our mailing list to attend our events.

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