Main uses for the Spanish Language in Canada

Learning how to speak a second language like Spanish in Canada can be extremely beneficial for the job market. Whether you are a native French speaker or English-speaking Canadian, picking up a language like Spanish could help to increase your value on the job market.

Less than 10% of jobs within Canada require bilingualism in their job listing but candidates who can speak both French and English as well as additional language like Spanish are often valued above some of their competition. Learning a language like Spanish in Mississauga could help you to work as a business translator or could be an invaluable asset for a company at an unexpected time.

In the early 2000’s Spanish was actually one of the most requested languages in the Canadian job market after French. Although the rates of demand for Spanish have fallen to Mandarin throughout the GTA, there’s still a very high demand for Canadians speaking this language.

Toronto actually has one of the largest markets for bilingual jobseekers as well. With a number of corporate headquarters and a large number of businesses that are looking for competitive applicants that have many skills, learning a language like Spanish in Toronto can really help you to win out over the competition in such a hot job market.

As so many businesses are looking to diversify by working internationally, learning how to speak Spanish can be a massive help when you are communicating within the job market or even starting a business of your own. With 20 countries listing their official language is Spanish, this could open up nearly boundless business opportunities worldwide.

In such a diverse city like Toronto, the Spanish-speaking communities can also be a great place to learn the language and then immerse yourself in the culture as well. Learning Spanish can help you to meet a wealth of new friends in the GTA and experience some amazing memories in the process!

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