How long does it take to learn Spanish?

If you are interested in learning how to speak Spanish, you might first want to realistically set out how long it may take you to speak Spanish fluently. The process of learning any language can take time but if you are interested in fluency, it is important to have the right expectations set out in advance. There are a number of factors that can dictate how quickly you can learn Spanish:

If you have experience learning other languages: if you were raised bilingual or you have experience learning other languages, you can often pick up learning a language like Spanish much faster. Knowing a language that is similar to Spanish can also help you a lot as a number of words are somewhat similar.

How much time you dedicate to language learning: if you are regularly going to classes in Mississauga for learning Spanish and dedicating regular hours per week to learning Spanish you can often have a much more successful time with the process of learning Spanish.

Your motivation and learning strategies: different people learn in different ways and as a result you can often try a few different learning strategies to help with your Spanish learning studies. Through your motivation to learn the language and by going through a few different types of study, you could significantly shrink the amount of time that it takes to learn a language like Spanish.

The short answer: in most cases, a person that has a common framework for learning Spanish like European English or French will take a total of 1000 hours to gain a level of Spanish fluency. Dedicated study of around one hour per day could have you speaking Spanish fluently within three years.

Keep in mind that learning Spanish can be incredibly rewarding process. With the help of Spanish you could open up a business in many countries throughout the world or offer your skills as a translator.

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