First Steps: Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish

¡Hola! (Hello!) So, you’re interested in learning Spanish. Good for you! You may be wondering where to begin. Why learn Spanish in the first place?

1. Well, Spanish is a major language. It is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, with speakers in North America, South America, Europe and even Asia and Africa! There are over 400 million speakers worldwide (Mansfield, 2014).

2. Spanish is one of five Romance languages: you can trace its roots back to Roman or the Latin language. If you can already speak another Romance language, like Portuguese, French, Italian or Romanian, you will probably learn Spanish in no time.

3. Spanish is very pleasing to the ear. Spanish definitely has a romantic sound, with soft consonants, long vowels and words that flow together rather smoothly. (Oxenham, 2016)

4. Spanish is very similar to English. A lot of words look and sound very similar: definición/definition, guitarra/guitar, café/coffee.

5. Reading ca be even easier. Since Spanish doesn’t have silent letters, or different rules to pronounce a word, what you see is what you get.

6. Writing is Spanish is very easy too. You write the way you speak. If you can pronounce a word, you can probably figure out how to spell it.

7. It helps you to learn English. Studying another language helps you to learn the names of verb tenses, sentence structures and other grammar words. As you build your vocabulary in Spanish, you may learn new words in your own language that you didn’t know before.

8. Travel. With Spanish, you can see the Amazon river, the Amazon Rainforest, the Mayan ruins, Macchu Picchu, Easter Island and many other sites. You can have your fill of rich architecture, historical villages, beautiful rivers and more.

9. Business. Many companies are looking to leverage the global market, and expand in places like South America. Spanish is even a language of the United Nations. (United Nations, 2017) If you’re interested in taking your business or your work to the next level, Spanish could be your next step.

10. You get a new personality. Really! When you speak a new language, it changes the way you communicate. As you start to speak with more Spanish speakers and spend time in the culture you choose, you learn what to say and how to connect with people on a deeper level.

Spanish is a really fun and engaging language, so you’ll feel right at home. It is very easy to start speaking Spanish. We would love to help you improve your language skills. Give us a call to get started today!


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Tacicia Bryan is a guest blogger with Spanish in Canada.

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