5 Reasons It’s Better to Learn Spanish in Person

Despite there being hundreds of online tools aiming to help you learn a language on your own, they’re not always the best way to learn. Learning a language online leaves you at the mercy of your own interpretation of the content. Here are 5 reasons why it’s wiser to learn a language such as Spanish in person.

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1) Your pronunciation is not corrected when learning online

Apart from the quizzes and tests most online language services offer, there is no way to truly know that you are speaking the language correctly. Things like pronunciation and the accents of a language cannot be taught through written material.

The best way to truly perfect the way you speak a language, is to have a professional correct you while you speak.

2) Learning online is not as efficient

Next, learning a language from a trained professional ensures you are learning efficiently. A language teacher knows what is vital to learn, and in what order to teach it. Although online courses are usually written by professionals who are experts in their field, the one thing they can’t do is tailor the lessons and topics to you. A instructor can decide what to teach you and when. This will ultimately bring more value to you.

3) Online learning will not teach you fluency.

Unless you sit in front of the mirror speaking Spanish to yourself or have a Spanish neighbour to talk with, you will not optimize your new language for fluency. Learning Spanish in person (or any other language) helps you learn to speak that language with fluidity. Mastering a language includes learning grammar

4) Learning in person will immerse you in the culture of the language

Imagine sitting in class with a native Spanish-speaking instructor that spent part of their life in a Spanish-speaking country? The stories, the customs and sometimes even the food will bring you into a different world. This is how to truly experience a new language!

5) Your questions and doubts will not be answered online

Lastly, no matter how many times you search Google, you will always have questions and concerns that will hinder your ability to fully speak the language. Come in to SpanishInCanada to get your questions answered!

Spanish in Canada is a Spanish school in Mississauga. We teach students from all over the Greater Toronto Area the Spanish language. Please contact us with any questions.

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